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Most frequent questions and answers

At the checkout you can use Paypal, Stripe and Zip.

Zip is a well known easy finance option which allows you to buy now and pay later. Easy account setup and fast approval.

Below is a general section on our shipping services.

  • Due to restrictions on batteries in freight we can only ship via road transport services. This means no express delivery is available.
  • Boards shipped domestically normally take 10 working days or less to arrive at your door. Orders dropshipped from our HQ in china can take around 10-14 working days. (We will always let you know which shipment method is being used).
  • All orders are trackable and insured for loss or damage.
  • Our product pages will show the current delivery ETA and will be updated constantly so you will always know how long it will take before you get your order.
  • We offer FREE shipping on all our boards!
  • If for some reason your order is returned due to incorrect delivery details, you will need to pay a re-delivery fee.
  • When you get your order please check for any damage during transit. If there is any damage take photos and get in contact with us asap. The faster we act the better.

Orders on average should take 10 working days to arrive when in stock. Areas like Western Australia may take a few extra days due to the increased distance.

Due to demand at launch we will give customers regular updates on orders so you will know exactly how long it will take to get your board.

Once things settle down and inventory stabilises shipping will be much more fluid and you can expect quick turnaround.

If stock is on hand locally in Australia it will be sent from our warehouse. 

If we run out of stock locally we can have HQ in china drop ship your order to you.

Either way we will be fully transparent and inform you of how & when you will get your order.

Product pages also show the current delivery ETA and is updated every couple of days.

Our boards are IP65 water resistant. They will take splashes and general water no problem but try to avoid large puddles and don’t use in the rain. Warranty does not cover any water damage.

If your board gets very dirty from wet roads just make sure to clean all surfaces after use.

All boards come with a charger, USB cables, remote, tools and a set of rear motor wheel replacements.

Our boards come with a 12 month warranty. Warranty covers manufacturer defects, motor failure & remote issues. 

Warranty does not cover general wear components such as wheels, grip tape etc.

Although our boards are IP65 water resistant, water damage is not covered by our warranty. 

If you warranty claim is approved you will be provided replacement parts for free and just need to cover the shipping costs.

If you have an issue with your board please contact us so we can help diagnose any issue. It might be required to send the board to us for repairs or replacement parts. 

Yes! We sell all parts individually such as remotes, motors, PU wheels, trucks etc at affordable prices. These products will be added to the site ASAP.

Our priority at WINboard Australia is to provide the best customer service possible even after purchase and for the life of your board. 

WINboard Australia’s shipping only covers Australian domestic shipping zones and are the Australian re-seller of WINboard products. We do not cover other countries sorry.

Yes we have all spare parts available for sale including remote, PU wheels, motors, ESC etc. These will be added to the site ASAP and can be shipped within Australia at adorable prices.

To cancel an order please use the “contact us” page and send us a message. One of our staff will assist you. There is no cancellation fee on cancelled orders.

If the board has already shipped as you are asking to cancel you will need to return the board to our warehouse at your own cost before receiving a refund.

Take care of your WINboard and it will last a long time. Below are some general care tips to get the most out of your board.

  • Clean the board often. Remove dirt build, dust & water around all surfaces.
  • Regularly tighten all bolts to make sure nothing is loose.
  • Do not hose down your board! Just use a damp cloth or tissue to clean away dirt.
  • Avoid dropping the board or hitting hard surfaces.
  • Avoid riding through deep puddles. Light water is ok.
  • Our boards have street style wheels and are recommended for flat road surfaces. Please avoid riding on sand, grass and rough gravel surfaces.
  • Don’t over charge the battery by leaving it to charge over night. Our boards only need a few hours to charge. Once the light turns green you can disconnect it from the charger.
  • Do not take apart the board to modify parts as it will void your warranty. 

It’s important to keep your board’s battery in top condition so you can reach the estimated ranges. Here are some tips to keep your battery in a healthy condition.

  • Don’t over charge your battery by leaving it on charge over night. Once the light turns green you can disconnect it and charging only takes a few hours or less.
  • Charge your battery if not being used for long periods of time. Batteries loose charge over time so it’s good to give it a full charge every month or so when it hasn’t been used.
  • Don’t drain your battery to completely empty. Try to leave 5% and give it a full charge. 
  • Don’t ride your board when the battery is flat. This causes strain on the battery and can damage internal components.

Follow these tips and your battery will last a long time.

**Important Note**
Only use WINboard batteries when needing to replace the battery. We use a specialised BMS (Battery Management System) and using another type of battery has the risk of damaging the ESC or motors.

We use quality Samsung batteries and will last 800-1000 full charge cycles. 

**Important Note**
Only use WINboard batteries when needing to replace the battery. We use a specialised BMS (Battery Management System) and using another type of battery has the risk of damaging the ESC or motors.

Electric skateboards are fun but please take care out there! Ride within your limits and always wear protective gear. A simple skate helmet should always be worn.

If this is your first time using an electric skateboard set it to the LOW speed setting and get comfortable with accelerating and breaking. Be aware of those around you and always look ahead at road surface. We want you to enjoy our products but please take care as we are not responsible for any injuries or worse!