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WINboard Lynx Challenge Mini Carbon Electric Skateboard


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WINboard Lynx Challenge Mini Carbon Electric Skateboard

For those that want power and speed!

Durable compact carbon fibre board

Dual 1500W HUB motors

20-25km range

40-45 km/ph speed

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WINboard lynx challenge electric skateboard

a small compact board without sacrificing speed and power

The WINboard Lynx Challenge Electric Skateboard is a compact, ultra thin, full carbon mini board with dual 1500W HUB motors. Providing plenty of power and a top speed of 40-45km/ph with a range of 20-25km. We use 90mm 76AAK wheels with Red Bones bearings as standard, allowing for a smooth comfortable ride. Our remote has an inbuilt LCD screen that shows speed, distance travelled, battery levels and more. There are also 4 speed modes to cover beginners to advanced riders. The WINboard Lynx Challenge is a powerful mini electric skateboard recommended for those that are familiar with skateboarding and can handle a mini board with plenty of power and range to get around the tight city areas.

Whenever riding, please be mindful of others and road traffic. Always wear protective gear.

  • RANGE - With its 6.6ah battery you can get up to 20-25km range in a single charge and our high quality Samsung batteries mean you won't be losing range after a few charges.
  • SPEED - The 1500W HUB motors can reach speeds up to 40km/ph.
  • CHARGING - Charge the Lynx challenge in 3-4 hours.
  • REMOTE - Strong connection to the board means you can rely on the remote not disconnecting. The remote has also been simplified for less distractions for an off-road experience.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES - WINboard Lynx Challenge, remote, board charger, USB cable for charging remote, set of spare wheel PU.


winboard lynx challenge electric skateboard


Deck MaterialT700 Cabon Fiber
Deck Dimensions720x220x23mm
Net Weight6.5 kg
Motor TypeDual HUB Motors
Peak Max Power1500Wx2 dual motor
Max Speed40-45 km/ph
Torque6.2 N.M
Max Load Capacity120 kg
Standard Voltage36v
Motor Size90x52mm
Motor PUChangeable
Truck ConstructionGravity Casting
Truck Size7 inches
PU Wheel Type76AAK
Wheel Size90x52mm
BearingsRed Bones
Battery TypeSamsung 18650 LI-ION
Max Range20-25 km
Battery Capacity10S2O 6AH
Input Voltage42v
Output Current3A
Charging Time2 Hours
RemoteWireless 2.4ghz
Remote Features4 speed modes with LCD display


3 reviews for WINboard Lynx Challenge Mini Carbon Electric Skateboard

  1. Al Mac (verified owner)

    Absolutely loving the Winboard Lynx Challenge,
    Everything is as advertised, and the board is surprisingly smooth across cracks for a carbon body, probably due to the thick rubber spacers. I live in Melbourne and have been travelling between Thornbury and Newport on one charge, I’m 85kg plus 5kg backpack, trip is over 18km with hills, cracks and the lot. I do have to ride conservatively to make the distance but I’m sure on a flat ride I could easily hit the advertised distance and probably exceed it. This board is perfect for a city like Melbourne, Its so easy carry because of the form factor and weight and its stealthy and almost completely silent so attracts no attention from authorities. I stick to non-electric skateboard laws to avoid drawing attention to my self (with one exception – I do ride after sun down witch is illegal on a skateboard in Victoria – NB Electric skateboards are illegal in public spaces in Victoria, but nobody cares if you ride safely and yield to pedestrians etc.).

    I have only been riding on M, witch likes to sit between 30-33 kmh with my weight and ride style. The deck is actually long enough to have a fairly wide stance because of the maxed out wheel base. Its like having the stance of a long board on a short board. My preferred speed is more like 25-28kmh and its kind of hard to keep it at that speed with the thumb wheel remote, but riding in the M mode at full speed feels super stable. I had to tighten the trucks a little to avoid wheel bite, and tighten the axle nuts to stop wheel rattle, all is smooth and safe now. This is now my main mode of transport (used to be public transport), and I am getting places quicker and with a huge smile on my face. Obviously, I’m back on public transport when its rainy or wet, so I am happy to be heading into summer! The board shipped quickly and Jesse is THE BEST customer service representative I have ever experienced. Jesse assured me that boards coming from Winboard Australia have a 1 year warranty and fall under Australian consumer law. He also answered any questions I had super quickly with personality, humour and good spirit. There are provisos with the warranty covered in the instruction manual, they are all reasonable though, for example riding through enough water to get water inside the housing and hubs voids the warranty, but I imagine you’d have to ride it in wetter conditions that you’d want to, to do that because of the design of the unibody and the hub motors.

    I honestly can’t figure out how these boards are so cheaply priced. The build quality is brilliant, the deck is carbon fibre, the specs are really good and actually are real specs! I’m impressed. I have not and will not take the board past 35kmh on H or H+ mode, but I think you could, it feels like it has the power.
    If you asked me if there was anything i’d change about the board I would be struggling to come up with anything, this thing is sexy and practical. My only feature request would be a selectable top speed, or a speed setting between S and M around 25kmh for that easy to run off speed when traveling through more congested areas. I have stacked it a couple of times at 30-35Kmh and there was no way to avoid eating the pavement. OUCH!
    If you are in the market for a commuter board to integrate into your inner city lifestyle this is the board for you, I see guys with massive longboards trying to deal with the nitty gritty moments of urban ESK8 and thank the heavens I didn’t get a big heavy board, its so easy to quickly pick up when things get hairy and its so much less attention grabbing carrying it around. I’m in love!
    Ships with no frills packaging that is double boxed, board and accessories are well packed and it shipped with a spare set of rear tyres! thanks!
    Well Done Winboard Australia, and Thanks Jesse!
    – AL, artist and designer, Thornbury, Melbourne.

    • Jesse

      Thank you for taking the time to write your review. Sounds like your having a great time with it 🙂

  2. Al mac (verified owner)

    Just a quick update.
    Sadly the other day my deck went under a buss and the front end got completely wrecked.
    Thankfully Jesse replied to my requests for replacement deck, front wheels, trucks, and grip tape. Within two weeks I was up and riding again thanks to the absolute best customer service I have ever experienced. And all for an extremely low price. (I won’t mention specifically how much was charged because I think Jessie was feeling generous, but let’s just say I was prepared to pay twice as much.)

    Thank you Jesse, thank you winboard – I love you!
    This is still be the best way to get around Melbourne’s horrible traffic.
    If you are considering this board there is no reason to hesitate. It is the best!

  3. Philip Tsui (verified owner)

    I bought my Winboard Lynx Challenge a month ago and have been riding it to work and cafes in city. I am pretty satisfied the overall. I have never ridden a skateboard before so I cannot comment much about the board. It takes me a couple of hours to practice. I use Low speed mode on the footpath to over take the pedestrian and Medium speed mode at bicycle lane or open area. I found it hard to change the mode from medium to low as there isn’t back button on the remote, so you have to press a couple of time to switch back to low speed mode. Well it doesn’t really bother much after I mastered the medium speed mode. I found the remote control is too sensitive when I accelerate and brake. Especially brake when going down hill. I guess I need to master that too. I weight 65kg and it sufficiently goes up a steep slope well at Low speed mode. The size of the board is perfect. It is short enough to place your leg at both ends to balance easily. However I underestimated its weight (6kg), it actually pretty heavy to hold it around for more than 10 mins. Because it is hard to grab it as the surface of the board is rough like sandpaper, the wheels with motors are much heavier thus makes the board not balance to hold. It took me a month to find a backpack that can hold the board which is the Evolve backpack, none of the skateboard bag can hold it properly. (Please note that the board is hard to put into the bag and pull it out from the bag.) If possible, I hope Winboard will have its own bag . I love that board .

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small packages can have big surprises

compact without sacrifice

WINboard Lynx Challenge has been designed to be slim and compact but still have the power and range of bigger boards. Featuring the same powerful HUB motors as our Panther range and packing a 6.6ah Samsung battery will provide a range of 20-25km on a single charge.

Due to it’s smaller size the WINboard Lynx Challenge is recommended for more experienced riders and is a great board for those living in denser city landscapes as the smaller size allows you to cut around the streets and take with you on trams and buses without taking up a lot of space.